Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok Influencers Wanted!

Introducing FREE FriendsterIO Influencer Opportunity….

Remember MySpace Tom?

If you never had a MySpace account, Tom was everyone’s first friend upon signing up. Imagine the reach, the influence, Tom had by simply posting from his MySpace account.

FriendsterIO Influencers are given the opportunity to be like Tom!

5 of the top FriendsterIO Influencers will be everyone’s first friend when new users come on board. This is a long game vision, FriendsterIO Influencers and the platform growing in reach together as a team. New users will have your great content to engage with right away!

What is FriendsterIO? is a new up and coming social media platform that has grown 30,000 users as of Feb 2021. The social media platform is steadily on track to hit one million users.

FriendsterIO has attracted users from all over the world that are tired of #BigTech censorship. If you have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with a combined following of 25k or more, has some perks that you’re going to love!

This offer is exclusive to serious social media influencers only. For everyone else, this is an incredible Facebook, Mewe, Gab or Parler alternative.

Shadowbans DO NOT exist on FriendsterIO. If you’ve ever been Shadowbanned on Twitter or Instagram you’re not alone. It’s frustrating and you deserve better.

FriendsterIO Audience Overview ( 1 Month Growth!)

What Are FriendsterIO’s Political Or Religious Views?

The FriendsterIO Team believes that Political (Left or Right) Sexual or Religious preferences are simply none of their business. Your views and preferences are your views and preferences.

FriendsterIO is an all inclusive platform. The platform was built after worldwide complaints of online censorship, shadowbans and throttling of user accounts limiting their reach.

Having to rebuild your following after getting shadowbanned or suspended absolutely sucks!

FriendsterIO is hosted on it’s own servers so you’ll never have to worry about Big Tech such as Google or Amazon pulling it down. Free speech is one of your basic rights as a a human being. FriendsterIO wants your voices to be heard.

FriendsterIO is self-funded, that means no Big Tech or Political Donations!

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Do I Meet FriendsterIO Influencer Requirements?

FriendsterIO Influencers are required to have a minimum of 25k engaged followers on at least one social media platform.

The FriendsterIO Team understands that for any new platform to continue to explode in growth it needs FriendsterIO influencers like you, who post high quality content FriendsterIO users will love.

In return for your support, FriendsterIO has tons of perks you’re going to love listed below.

What’s The Catch?

We ask for just 1 post on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile that invites your followers to follow you on your FriendsterIO profile, page or group. That’s it!

Once you do that, you’ll receive the perks listed in this article 100% free. No need to run ads on this platform, we have you covered!

FriendsterIO’s Top 2 Influencers

1. FriendsterIO Influencer Daniel9340:

Links to Verify:



Daniel Radcliffe Fan Page (3.8M Instagram Followers)
This Instagram has a huge Harry Potter fan community and is bringing it over to FriendsterIO! Can’t thank Daniel9340 enough!

2. FriendsterIO Influencer Iskcon

Links to Verify:

FriendsterIO: Https://

Twitter profile:

Iskon, Inc. (97.2k Twitter Followers)

ISKCON Long Island, NY. established in 1966 in New York. They are building a massive FriendsterIO Krishna community. FriendsterIO is open to all faiths and religions!

How much are FriendsterIO Influencers paid in compensation?

Excellent question. It depends on how valuable never having to pay for ads, followers, likes and engagement again is to you. Not to mention being auto followed by every new FriendsterIO member. If you can find where Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are offering this same deal for you to provide content, please let us know!

You’re time is valuable. Maintaining your social media accounts is time consuming. The FriendsterIO Team will ensure this new platform will be the least of your influencer work load of all Social media platforms.

FriendsterIO Influencers Perks:

Instant Social Proof of Your FriendsterIO Pages, Groups and Profiles!

FriendsterIO Influencers will love that they can embed Twitter and YouTube post by just posting the URL! TikTok Videos and be uploaded and will display full size without the ugly cropping other social media platforms do! FriendsterIO is one of the most user friendly social media platforms available!

What Will FriendsterIO Do For Influencers?

FriendsterIO Influencers are FriendsterIO’s #1 Priority!

In exchange for creating a free FriendsterIO account, and one social media post inviting your following to follow you on FriendsterIO

  • Give you a Verified (Blue Check) user account FREE. No ID, personal information or payment needed. Only verification requirement is that you message the FriendsterIO Team on TikTok or Instagram to verify it’s really you.
When a FriendsterIO Influencer is tagged in a post they can be followed/messaged directly if our users are on laptop. If they are using a phone, the tag is a profile link, just like F book.


We will start your account of with 5000 real followers. (No buying fake fans or followers! This service doesn’t even exist at the time of writing this article.) This will quickly establish you as someone for other FriendsterIO users to follow.

Note: FriendsterIO users can choose to unfollow you at any point. Keep your profile entertaining and engaging, just as you do on other social media platforms.

Why are we willing to do this?

We know already that your content is high quality and that our users will love your content. Having our users auto-follow you is a win win for everyone including our users who other wise may get the echo chamber vibe.

(Having no friends is lonely.)

21,553 Followers in less than a week!

All FriendsterIO Influencers are Featured on:

FriendsterIO RANDOM! — Viral Video Page

  • FriendsterIO will add your profile to the pinned post of the FriendsterIO Official RANDOM! page. RANDOM! is a page that is auto-liked by default by all new FriendsterIO users. RANDOM! post are seen by all FriendsterIO followers. RANDOM! Is a page full of random videos that our users love and engage with. It’s like The Chive 2.0!
Pinned post on random page!

As the site grows, RANDOM! will reach more and more users daily, which means more exposure for you! This will have major positive impact on your FriendsterIO account when we hit our 1 million user goal. Any time a video is added to RANDOM! The entire FriendsterIO platform gets a notification if they remain a follower. Imagine when FriendsterIO hits 5 million users and your account is pinned to the top of the page!

  • FriendsterIO will add your profile to the pinned post of the FriendsterIO official HangOut group. The HangOut group post are also seen by all new FriendsterIO users. They come to this group often for general announcements from our Team. Both, RANDOM! Page and HangOut group are two guaranteed places FriendsterIO users will find you!

Meet The FriendsterIO Team That Will Assist You!

@NOCENSOR FriendsterIO Team Member

@NOCENSOR is just one of Several Team Members who will be encouraging users to follow and interact with your post! Anytime you need a a Hype Man include @NOCENSOR in your post! Create your FriendsterIO account.

Serious Question!!…Ask yourself if Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey are willing to commit this much personal time and love to ensure your personal growth on their platform? Didn’t think so! But the FriendsterIO Team will!

FriendserIO Team Member’s love sharing FriendsterIO Influencer Content! When is the last time Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg did this for you?

You Can Be Followed From ANY Post Your Tagged in!

Receive a Free Pro Account Upgrade!

FriendsterIO Pro Account

PRO members on FriendsterIO are allowed to boost post. Boosted post are advertised to all users randomly with other boosted post. This will increase views from all FriendsterIO members and explode your FriendsterIO following! No more paying for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook ad services!

Have a YouTube Channel?

Post your YouTube video URL in your comments to embed it on the platform! You can do this with your Tweets as well! Great for SEO purposes! We also have a YouTube like platform if you’re tired of YouTube strikes!

YouTube and Tweets embed instantly when you post! EXPAND Your Social Media Following!

Are You Ready To Be a FriendsterIO Influencer?

  1. Create a free FriendsterIO account.
  2. Post on your social media account that has 25K followers to follow you on FriendsterIO. (Post must remain a minimum of 7 days on your account to keep Pro Satus. The Team will check your post daily)
  3. Post your social media post link via direct message or tag @Nocensor with your post link on FriendsterIO.
  4. Once @NOCENSOR verifies your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post your account will be verified and placed in Pro Status. You’ll will then:
  • Be added to the pinned post of Influencers To Follow on RANDOM! and HangOut.
  • Have a custom announcement welcoming your followers.
  • Have your FriendsterIO profile featured on the FriendsterIO Influencers page. (Auto-liked by new users.)

NOTICE: This offer ends soon and is only limited to a certain number of Influencers. If you’re even slightly interested jump on this opportunity today!